Pammard Services Inc


Aspirator & Accessories

JB0112-016 Aspirator
JB0112-016S Suction Tube
JB0112-016F Bacteria Filter

Collection Bottles

JB0112-016B Collection Bottle With Lid

Inhaler Spacers

MW123A Aero Chamber


GF64093 Pediatric Mask
GF64095 Nebulizer Mask With Tube
MW107C Nebulizer Mask
GF64159 Non-Rebreather Mask Without Vent
GF64190 Pediatric Non-Rebreather Mask With Vent
GF64095 Nebulizer Mask
MW105 Oxygen Mask
GF91101 Pocket Resuscitator Mask
GF33239 Cannula
KN95 Protective Mask
KN95 Protective Mask

Mouthpiece & Peak Flow Meter

8434-25 Mouthpiece
3791-1 Spirometer BUHL windmill type mouthpiece
20129 Spiroflow Personal Kids Peak Flow Meter


JB0112-061 Neb-U-Lite EV


YK80A Finger Pulse Oximeter

Oxygen Humidifiers, Regulators & Adapters

GF64375 oxygen humidifier
JB0150081 oxygen regulator
JB0150082 oxygen regulator
Oxygen regulator ISO13485 CE0120
65100 supply line adapter
3786-12#0 Neonatal Oropharyngeal Airway
3786-12#3 Adult Oropharyngeal Airway


MW124 Manual Resuscitator
GF911021 Infant Resuscitator